Live Music: The largest and best venue in Sanur


These rules are strictly enforced, unless management decides different

1) Beer served is draught beer

2) Free flow runs from 6 to 7 pm on Friday

3) Timing is done by Casablanca staff. (customer’s time instruments usually run faster around 6pm and slower  before 7pm)

4) Refill can be ordered only when the glass is empty

5) Free flow stops (for everybody) when:

a. Customer goes to the toilet

b. Person pisses in his/her pants because they don’t want to go to the toilet (or because of a funny joke)

c. A person leaves the premises, no matter what the excuse. (With the exception of an act of god such                as earthquakes and tsunami’s. If there is a building left standing and time left over the free flow will               continue after the act of God)

d. Anyone picking up is cellular, mobile or hand phone. Or any other type phone for texting or talking.               Including geophone, gramophone, headphone, homophone, hydrophone, megaphone, mellophone,               metallophone, microphone, phone, picture phone, polyphone, radiophone, radiotelephone,               saxophone, sousaphone, speakerphone, sulphone, telephone, vibraphone, videophone and               xylophone.

           e. Any person complaining about the speed of service REMEMBER ITS FREE