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1. Vodka, Galliano and orange juice are utilized to produce what kind of classic cocktail?


2. What’s changed into alcohol while in brewing?


3. What number of gallons of beer are actually in a firkin?


4. Which US state is branded in the tag of the Jack Daniels bottle?


5. When Walt Disney’s 7 dwarfs work inside the mines, what were they searching for?


6. Whenever listed in alphabetical order, what’s the very first country in this world?


7. What’s the only fruit to possess seeds on the exterior?


8. How many letters you can find in the Greek alphabet?


9. Who was the reggae singing legend passed away in the 11th May of 1981?


10. What liqueur holding the letters D.O.M. in the bottle label that was made at Fecamp, France, around the sixteenth century?

 BENEDICTINE (DOM = Deo Optimo Maximo = To God, most good, most great.)